Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Projects: Backula backup system

This is third post in the "My Projects" series. This time, like my previous post, it is also dedicated to the World Backup Day. Two posts in a day - why not?

Although the project was about the same, there were few significant differences. 1st – 5 years difference (2009), and 2nd – mainly Linux environment.

It was a middle-size company. In a central office they had all things IT departments must have, including backup system (TSM). But I was hired in a remote division in another country, where was no System Administrator before me. There were many things to do, but today we are talking about backups.

What we had:

Three Linux servers, one external storage, limited budget.

Well, in situation with a single storage I have no possibility to protect data from a failure of that particular storage. But I split the discs in storage in two different arrays, and dedicate one of them for backups only.

This time I wanted something Enterprise-level, reliable and scalable. At that time Bacula fitted all my needs. The only problem was to get used to it. When I have opened User's manual and found out that there are 764 pages.... I was encouraged! Why? My previous job was quite boring so I was "hungry" for challenges like that. In a few days I was ready to propose a solution and install it in production.


Quite simple, as reliable things should be
  • Bacula as a backup system
  • Standard schedule:
    • Daily incremental backups
    • Weekly differential backups
    • Monthly full backups
  • Workstation were also added if user desire


Backup system is not intended to have configuration changes often. Configured once, it requires just to watch on daily notifications and make some periodical data restore.
After a new server added it was enough to create a single file with a list of directories to exclude from backup (/tmp, /media, /sys, etc. exluded by default).

Have a nice World Backup Day!

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