Monday, 20 February 2012

IBM DS3000/DS4000/DS5000 vCenter Management plugin issue

Not long ago I have found that IBM have a plugin for their storage for the vCenter. Particularly I was interested to manage DS3400 and DS3524 via vSphere client console, so I've got a plugin from this page.

However, during setup of this plugin I've faced couple of issues.

First of all (this is minor actually, but I've spent 20 minutes to find out what is happening) make sure you've set the free TCP ports for Jetty service. In my case there was a conflict with the vCenter Update service. Common issue, nothing special... however...

Second issue is rather VMware specific, since I found a solution on some page related to another plugin for vCenter. So, the problem is that you have the following error when try to select this plugin in vSphere Client:

User is not authorized to use this plug-in.
Please contact the Administrator and ask for StorageAdmin.readwrite or SorageAdmin.readonly Privileges

However, you are for sure in the group with the full privileges... And actually this is the problem. It turns out that your account should have those privileges apart from any group, set on per-user basis.

So, as workaround, just add a separate permission for your account and restart the vSphere Client.

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  1. Hello,

    I want to download the plugin from that link, but it seem the website is not used anymore,

    would you help me to give me the plugin?

    thanks before