Monday, 9 May 2011

Altuscan firmware upgrade

Well, let's put the next note here.

And the topic is: upgrade the firmware sequentially.

Today I've faced some problems with an Aten KL9116 KVM. I went to the firmware download page and have downloaded the last FW available (it was 1.0.081).
First, when I tried to upgrade it from version 1.0.068 right to 1.0.081, the window with the upgrade process stopped at 50% progress.  Then, I tried to reset the device and restart the upgrade. But, even after I've got a message about the upgrade success and after the device reset, the firmware still was the 1.0.068 version. Then, I've got the previous FW (V1.0.069) and tried to upgrade with it - upgrade succeed. Then upgrade from V1.0.069 to 1.0.081 - successful again.

Unfortunately, the manual doesn't make it clear that the firmware should be upgraded sequentially. Hope this post will.


  1. Thought I would add my experience to this. I have 6 of these KVMs spread around remote locations. 1 of them was on release 1.0.066 and the other 5 were on 1.0.069. No matter what I did, I couldn't do anything remotely logical. Not even the 1.0.69 --> 1.0.81 you did.

    Aten has a new version of 1.0.82 out that is specifically for skipping versions. It doesn't work quite right, but it does work in certain scenarios. Here was my upgrade path for both of these versions.

    1.0.066 --> 1.0.068 --> 1.0.082
    1.0.069 --> 1.0.068 --> 1.0.082 (downgrade from .69 to .68 and the upgrade to .82)

    find everything you need here:

    the version of .82 needed is kl9108_9116_main_v1.0.082_patchcc.csf

  2. Thanks mrpaulmanley! Appreciate your comment.